Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday 17 October

We set off this morning not expecting to see anyone, we thought everyone was away or off for the day.

We were surprised to see the tribe on the Barrow Field.

Debbie appeared with the Boys - Harvey is on the lead - he has just had his cruciate ligament repaired and it is a long slow recovery, he his walking a lot better and he goes for hydro therapy which he enjoys.
Look at those eyes, he would love to join in but he also seems to know it would not be good for his leg.


Toots - no I won't look at the camera!


Look at these two - enjoying a chat, looks very serious.

We don't see Paul very often, he's Sue's other half.

The chatting and walking went on for ages. We seem to have a lot to catch up.

Beech Nut - Fagus sylvatica, plenty this year.
Beech Nut - Fagus sylvatica
to all those who have never eaten them please note that they need to peel this skin it is bitter if eaten.
Beech Nut - Fagus sylvatica
 this is the nut and I often wonder at the patience of our forebears, what a time consuming job, then again they had not got the convenience of a corner shop or supermarket.

Big Lodge

Fly Agaric

Horse Chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum, lots of conkers this year, I must get some.

Top End of Spring Wood

Heron on the top lodge

Take off

We thought it was heading for the trees

change of flight plan

Staying put.

Take Care.

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  1. What a great meet-up! I'm partial to Billy's looks. I know it all seems familiar to you, but it looks like it's straight out of Jane Eyre or Narnia to me.


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