Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday 24 December

Another damp day, we have to be thankful we have not got the weather some of the country is having.

 Blue Tit
 Christmas Tree
 Deer track
 Tree that's for the axe in the New Year
 it is dangerous so will have to be cut, it won't be an easy job as it is in a difficult spot
 One of the old Silver Birch felled
 This view would be looking at Drybones Cottage several years back but it was burned down by mindless yobs, I wonder what they will feel like in years to come - 
 More trees felled, they are really going to town this time - let's hope it won't be many more
I don't come from this neck of the woods but I often see shadows/ghosts/memories when I look at the weir, so locals must see their kin in this area
Bing - he's truly become a handsome lad :)

Take Care

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  1. Aw... the tree serpent will be beheaded. Bing is good looking.


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